Indian Stories

Indian Sex Stories

Indian XXX stories is a very big search term on the internet, but there seems to be rather few sites which actually have unique sex stories from India. Most sites have only copies of the same old 50 stories, which have been used for the last 5-10 years. In fact, the only place we have found updated new desi xxx stories, is an amazing site called They have thousands of stories in the archive and they add at least 5 brand new stories daily.

Sex story archive

The archive is divided in to different categories, where you can find hot bhabhi or sexy aunti tales among a lot of other categories. All entries on the website consist of private sex stories, submitted by surfers. This is real people from india writing about their best sex experiences and hottest fantasies.

Indian Sex StoriesErotic Indian StoriesDesi Sex fantasies

Who reads Indian Stories?

Most visitors are avid readers, who check back from time to time, to see new posts. They also like to comment and add their opinion to the stories, so the site is very much interactive. Registered users can post text directly to the site and can comment and improve all submitted stories.

In between the XXXstories they also added a lot of nice pics, with the hottest Indian amateur girls. These are a joy to watch as you read through another hot steamy naughty forbidden Indian Sex Story!

Indian Erotic Sex Stories
has India tales with hot indian chudai night story, bhabhi, aunty and Hindi an Urdu Sex stories with desi fantasy sex as It’s not or or Desibaba Stories from India.

Free Hot Indian Sex Stories

So join us at right away!


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